Many landowners are holding on to properties or fractional ownerships for no good reason. They’re spending thousands every year paying taxes, maintenance costs on a piece of dirt that isn’t doing anything for them. We’ve worked with many happy clients, and we want to work with you too!

We are global land tender specialists and we are ready to pay you cash for your land today! Historically, land takes much longer to sell than a house or a fractional ownership because there is just a smaller market for land buyers. We will close fast and help you avoid the high costs you will face if listing your property or fractional ownership as land without a trader broker.

We are ready to buy almost any type of property as is. Hospitality, suburban, city, water, farming, rural, with utilities or without, we will even buy advertising lots!

Royal Investors is buying bare land now internationaly!


We’re land owners as well and know the hassle it can be to sell a piece of land you don’t want. However we’ve honed our land buying process to few simple steps to make turning your unwanted land into cash as simple as possible.
We’re not trying to list your land like realtors… We’re actually the ones buying your land. Because we pay cash, we’re able to close quickly… or on your schedule. We’re ready to buy your land, property or fractional ownership… No matter how small or large the parcel is… No matter the location.